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    DG41RQ beeps at boot


      I just built a new system with DG41RQ and E7400.  It has two 2GB DDR2 667mhz memory modules, 250GB hard drive, and DVD/RW With Windows XP Pro installed.  Since the first boot, on startup the system speaker beeps once, then the Intel screen comes up (post), then it beeps again and Windows loads.  Everything else seems fine and there are no error messages.  I have had systems in the past that beep once to confirm successful Post, but never twice (before and after).  Also, tried two different types of memory in case it was compatibility issue or bad RAM.  Does anyone know if this is normal for this board?  If not, any other thoughts?


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          Hi there,


          Try with one memory and see if it behaves the same way.
          Try the other memory and see the difference.

          Update the bios to the latest one.


          If there is no errors in the bios as well, it may be normal then. :-)


          To be honest, i did not pay attention to this when using the new board DQ45CB.

          I can see that you are using compatible hardware like cpu and memory specifications.


          Check in the TPS if there is anything on the Beep Code:



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            Thanks for replying Aryan!  I did try alternating memory individually and even tried completely different modules and still the same two beeps.  Actually more like 'chirp' as opposed to the 'beep' you get without memory or other error.  One, I assume when post initializes, then the Intel screen shows and then the second when post completes, and Windows startup begins.  I tried with different keyboard and mouse and with DVD disconnected just to rule out other components.  No errors noted in BIOS log or in Windows Event logs and the workstation performs beautifully.  I guess it is normal - just different than what I have experienced - still I would like to know... Thanks again.

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              Hey FD1 I get exact the same "problem" as you do and that's why I would find out this intel community place. My motherboard is DG41TY and it is the new kind of intel motherboard just like yours. I post my question too. I am trying to ask at many different places. I will let you know once I find out the result. For me it "look" like normal and pretty sure if it is the real beep code that show error would be something different.

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                Hi there,


                I was just reading through this threads, yes it does seems strange to have an extra beeps when the system start. One of my friend use to get it on his DP45SG board as well. It's the exact same second beep that you have been describing earlier. Normally these kind of beeps you get them (sometimes 2) on server boards when the the keyboard and mouse are initialised. I am assuming it is the same behaviour since you will always have the keyboard and (most probably) mouse connected. I do not have these model of boards yet, but a simple test may be to start the system without keyboard and mouse connected and see if the extra beep occurs. If you do this test, then the only way to shut down the system from windows will be to just push the power button once and leave it, the system will shut down automatically.


                Has anyone among you tried to update the BIOS to latest to see if it makes any difference?



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                  Hey guys I am finally 100% sure it is just normal! I find out there is online chat with intel customer service, so I just try it and here is the conservation:

                  info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
                  info: You are now chatting with 'Adolfo'
                  Adolfo: Hello. Thank you for visiting Intel Customer Support. How can I help?
                  you: hi
                  you: I bought a new Intel motherboard DG41TY yesterday. I have installed everything, then when I boot up, here is what happen: 1. first I hear a beep 2. intel logo show 3. second beep 4. windows logo and start to load as normal, everything work fine So there isn't any error message, just I have never used any computer that would give me 2 beeps. I know there is beep code that indicate any problem while boot up, but it doesn't look like any problem at all, no error message and everything run fine. Is this just the new style of Intel motherboard? Or my motherboard has some serious problem so I should return to the shop? Thanks a lot!
                  Adolfo: Allow me a moment please
                  you: sure thanks
                  you: and I have updated to the newest bios, it is still the same.
                  Adolfo: Ok the first beep means that the system is booting up, the 2nd beep means that the system detected devices, so this is a normal behavior on our current motherboards.
                  you: thanks a lot you are very helpful
                  Adolfo: Thank you for using chat. I look forward to chatting with you again. We value your suggestions and would appreciate it if you would take a moment to complete our survey. The survey will appear when you click "Close''  to close the chat window. Have a nice day.


                  I can even choose to send myself a copy of the converstation and I give the best rating to this staff. I hope this can help you! I feel great that my board works just fine!

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                    Thanks to all who have responded, especially to benjaminyau!  I suspected this was 'normal' for these boards but still it would have been nice to have seen something in the documentation to indicate this change from what was accepted to be 'normal' with previous desktop boards.  unplugged_24 had a good point in that it sometimes occurs on Server boards, but I've never had more than one post beep on any of the desktop boards that I have used, Intel or otherwise.  Anyway, hopefully this thread will help someone in the future from going through lots of unnecessary troubleshooting, thinking that the second beep was from some kind of error.  Thanks again...

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                      although it is normal, is there any way to turn it off?  I absolutely hate it.  I have my computer in my dorm room and almost every night my computer installs windows updates and reboots and wakes me up.  I hear the damn thing chirping all the time and I HATE it.  None of my past Intel motherboards have ever done this, which is why I bought another one.  It is VERY loud.

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                        You can set that up in bios, it is definitely a simple function. Make sure you get a good sleep without disruption! That really affect sleeping quality! I have that board too but I run it as a web server so it runs 24 hours a day which I cannot stop it....

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                          how do you turn it off in the BIOS?  I have looked and can't find anything.

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                            Same Here - DG41TY, Only my will get 3 beeps when 2 DIMMS are installed DDR3/800 XMS2

                            With only 1 it works fine., Beep, splash screen, 2nd beep.


                            I have also tried the RAM out of my 780i, DDR2/800 XMS2, and only 1 DIMM shows in Windows.

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                              Can you schedule the updates to some better time? Like when you are at a class? Or have the updates held until you trigger the installation manually? Sleep is important.


                              David E.

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                                Hi...!!! I have DG41RQ motherboard with Core 2 Duo E7500. Initially i had no problems & the sytem used to bootup with the 2 beeps but recently my sytem crashed twice consequently after which my system freezes at the intel logo screen & stays there whatso ever, at that moment no keys respond neither F2(BIOS setup) nor F10(Boot menu) it just hangs up there. But if after a minute or so if i press F1 key the sytem loads up as usual (even the F2 & F10 key respond only after i have pressed the F1 key prior to it). Can anyone explain what the F1 key does??

                                Also i have been getting the error message from now on - "windows detected a hard disk problem. Back up your files immediately to prevent information loss, and then contact the computer manufacturer to determine if you need to repair or replace the disk", the scan turned up a quite a few bad clusters. Anyone have any idea if its my hard disk problem dats responsible for this bootup problem???

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                                  with Intel DQ45CB same beep problem in boot.


                                  All it's normal but one beep in the screen  intel post code.


                                  No beep disable functions in Bios :-(

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                                    It`s totally normal..you should get used to it!

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