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    D2500cc : strange tic-tac sound in off


      I have a new D2500cc motherboard.


      There is an strange sound "tic-tac" very similar to a clock but only when the computer is off. This sound disappear when I start the machine.

      When the computer is off, the sound only can be silenced unplugging the power cable (well.. you can think it sounds logical but I'm in the point to consider alternative realities).


      Motherboard is configured fanless. To limit the problem I have unplugged all the peripherals except one SIMM memory, and the sound still persist.


      A memory test on this SIMM notices no problem. I have updated BIOS to the later revision. I have set the fan speed to zero inside BIOS without success. 


      I don't know what happens. I  cannot find any explanation for this strange sound inside the Intel guides neither internet


      Motherboard is new. Please, some help!!


      This is the present configuration:


      Motherboard: Intel D2500cc

      PicoPSU 90w 12v

      SIMM Kingston KVR1333D3S8S9/2G (2GB 1333MHz DDR3)

      ... no more things.