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    DP45SG nothbridge heatsink


      Ok, i'm trying to get EXTREME cooling on my board... But i have NO IDEA what can be a GOOD heatsink for my northbridge...

      The price doesn't matter...


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          I have a similar question.  I have a DQ965CO motherboard and I notice that the Intel Hardware Monitor shows the I/O Controller Hub (ICH8 southbridge) temperature as being quite high (90C).  So I'd like to provide better cooling to that chip.  Any suggestions as to how to best go about it?

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            u guys mean for OC u need cooling or normally it showed tht temp

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              In my case this is the normal (i.e. non-overclocked) temperature.  It's possible that the sensor is faulty, but the chip does feel quite hot to the touch.  (I can't touch it for more than a second without risking a burn.)  Sadly, there doesn't seem to be any provision for mounting a heatsink and/or fan onto the chip unless you want to glue it on.  But I have no experience doing that.  What would work best?  Elmer's Glue?  ;-)