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    DX58OG Blinking Light

    Drake Witt

      Hi, I have a DX58OG Board in my gaming PC. I run a SSD and a 1TB HD in it. I have a clear case and what I think is a blue LED for I/O is driving the living crap out of me. No problems with PC and it is located in the bottom left. How do I disable it?

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          Hello Drake,


          We regret to inform that the LED you are referring to is for the hard drive activity and there is no option at a BIOS or software level to disable it. Thank you for your understanding.

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            Check Radio Shack (or some other supplier of electronics for hobbyists) for brush-on liquid insulation coating.  It's opaque, very thick and applies easily. Non-conductive.  Once it's cured, it can be removed by simply peeling it off.


            Mine is from CG Electronics (Carl Goldberg) and the part number is 10-1762.  Comes in s 60ml bottle, which appears to be a lifetime supply.

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