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    520 SSD running to spec?


      I have a 520 120gb SSD and it seems to run fine.

      However, I was wondering about the write speeds

      which do not show anywhere near spec. Maybe I have

      a mis-marked SSD? Any input will be appreciated.

      I paid allot of money for this.

      I compared it to a 840 Pro 256 in the same SATA 3

      Win 7 HP DV6 notebook with a 2630qm i7 processor.

      I used the same program. I cloned the 840 Pro from the Intel.

      Superfetch is off as well as indexing and defrag, etc.

      I realize the larger capacity drive would perform better

      but the write specs of the 520 are not even close

      to advertised. I expected this drive to be competitive.

      Any consideration would be appreciated.




      Here are the numbers from the 520 using

      CrystalDiskMark 3.0.1 x 64 :


            Read       Write


      Seq   466.2      150.8

      512K  405.3      162.8

      4K    23.22      48.29

      4K    140.0      150.0



      Here are the numbers from the Samsung 840 Pro :


            Read       Write


      Seq   510.3      492.9

      512K  443.1      463.9

      4K    26.85      51.60

      4K    264.3      223.1