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    DX79SR questions (and rants)


      Hello community,


      I'm still 'polishing' my new workstation built around 3930K processor and currently experiencing few issues with my DX79SR MoBo:


      1. I cannot get into BIOS. As i hit F2 during boot, i get long continues beeps with code 58 (Resetting USB bus) on boards' LED window. It is possible that my wireless keyboard is at fault, but i have no problem hitting Enter on the next step when i'm warned that my CPU fan is not working. I use water cooler and it charges directly from PSU, so CPU fan header is not used.


      2. I just spent 20 minutes chatting with Intel representative who told me that i can have either on-board or add-on sound (seriously??!). I have an M-Audio Delta Audiophile sound card that i would like to use, but Realtek and M-audio drivers are in conflict with each other, so for me to use add-on card i have to disable the on-board audio through BIOS, which brings me back to issue#1, not being able to get to BIOS.


      3. Disk management window takes 10 minutes to populate with harddrives, i have 3 basic NTFS and 2 mirrored volumes. 2Tb mirrored volumes are brought over from previous build (same copy of Win7) and have been resyncing all day and still are at it, 12 hours later. Also all other windows become unresponsive while computer management process is starting, for about 30 seconds to 2 minutes.



      I must say, all this stuff if rather disappointing, i was really looking forward to having an awesome workstation - and currently i'm not sure if i'm doing something wrong, have a faulty MoBo or it was poor choice of hardware on my behalf.


      if anyone has any experience to share, i would really appreciate it.


      thank you,





      Intel DX79SR Extreme series motherboard

      Intel Core I7 3930K processor

      Nvidia Quadro 4000 graphics card

      Corsair Vengeance 32GB (4x8GB) RAM

      Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme/All In One Liquid Cooling System

      SSD for OS and programs

      2x2Tb raid 1 work HDDs

      2x1Tb basic HDDs for other stuff

      Widows 7 ultimate SP1

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          Hello Katya,


          Wireless keyboards can give some problems at a POST/BIOS level. That will depend entirely on the plug and play ID that they have and the initialization time. Your motherboard has a back to BIOS button that you can use if you wish to get in BIOS using this keyboard.


          In regards to the 2 audio controllers, Windows* is not so efficient with several controllers doing the same thing, if you have a conflict, the best solution is to disable the one that you wont use. Now that you will be able to get in BIOS, you can disable it.


          Using a RAID that came from a different controller is not a good idea, the fact that newer controllers can read the arrays from a previous one is made so that you can recover the information and back it up. You can keep on using them, but the performance wont be good.