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    Moving existing array to RMS2AF080




      I have a currently running server 2008r2 using a S3420GPLX server board. I am using the onboard matrix raid for 5 drives, 4 in raid 10 and 1 non raid. I was looking for information on moving the raid set to an RMS2AF080, 8 port hardware raid "card". Is this a simple migration or much more involved than getting the new raid hardware installed and functioning and moving the cables to the same ports on the new hardware? I ordered a couple of the RMS2AF080 for another project that got shelved. Thought I would try using them instead of collecting dust. Thanks for any input.



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          You have two different RAID manufacturers. The Matrix RAID is Intel software RAID, the RMS2AF080 is LSI based hardware RAID. Because of this, the disk data format (RAID metadata) on the disks is different and it isn't a plug and play migration. Unfortunately you'll have to backup the old and restore to your new RAID if you choose to go that way.