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    Why no X79 RAID support with Intel's RST(e) v11/v12 series drivers?


      Many users with an X79 chipset RAID system are already using the Intel RST(e) v11 or v12 series drivers instead of the regular RSTe v3.x.x.xxxx ones, because the v11/v12 drivers obviously

      • are running rock stable with X79 RAID systems,
      • boost the X79 RAID performance and
      • give X79 RAID0 users the chance to get TRIM into their RAID array.

      Only disadvantages:

      1. There are no F6 Intel RAID drivers v11/v12 available, which can be used by X79 chipset RAID users, who want to do a fresh install of Windows 8 in EFI mode.
      2. The driver installation from within an already running Windows OS has to be forced, because the DEV_2826 support is missing within the original iaStorAC.inf file.
      3. Unfortunately the RST Console software v11/v12 series cannot be installed at all due to the missing support of the "Intel(R) C600 Series Chipset SATA RAID Controller". Bad consequence: The popular feature "Write Back Caching", which gives RAID users a far better write performance, can not be enabled,

      Since the original Intel RST(e) drivers of the v11 and v12 series do already support C600 Series Chipset SATA AHCI Controllers, it would be a good idea, if Intel would add the native support of the related SATA RAID Controllers as well.


      What is the reason why the support of Intel's C600 Series Chipset SATA RAID Controllers is missing within the actual RST(e) driverpacks of the v11.x.x.xxxx and v12.x.x.xxxx series?

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