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    Intel PRO 1000 PL - 82573L - AMT/ASF question


      My Intel motherboard has an PRO1000PL lan-on-motherboard with 82573L controller (device id 109A).

      The latest Bios includes Intel AMT Bx v1.2.3. However I am not getting the 'Ctrl - P' prompt to enter iAMT setup.

      I believe this is due to the specification for the 82573L, which is not AMT enabled/capable. The 82573E however is AMT capable.

      Is this correct?

      Is it a software/firmware limitation or a hardware limitation?


      Also, I have the option in Bios, under 'Management' section, to enable or disable ASF (ASF v2 according to datasheets). However I havent been able to find any configuration documentation for ASF.

      Is there anything about configuring ASF2? Technical reference? Configuration Guide?