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    Intel HD2500 Dual Display with HDMI Issue (Update?)


      I just received a Dell OptiPlex 3010 (i5 with Intel HD 2500 onboard) and was attempting to setup dual/extended display.  After some searching I found out there was (is?) an issue with the Intel HD adapter and not finding the HDMI connection.  I found that I could make it work by disabling the adapter in device manager, then enabling, then hitting the Windows + P key to select extended display then resetting the "output to" option for VGA primary and HDMI secondary.  (The HDMI will actually be displaying a constantly running presentation while the VGA will be the desktop).  Is there a real fix for this issue as the post I saw was in 2012 and months later it seems the issue persists.  Any help is appreciated as I tried to script the disable/enable device which works as well as the rest of the key strokes but when the user changes their password this workaround will cease to function in the scheduler.