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    Rebooting disappointment- what now?

      I have two new, identically configured, PCs which have been purchased to replace a pair of very similarly configured, aging ones for which parts are no longer available. The latter have given 24/7 service over the last 5 years, straight out of the box, with only 1 new case fan being required.


      So I am very disappointed that my new ones seem to be less than reliable.


      Their specs are :-

      Chassis - Intel Entry Server Chassis SC5299-E with dual hot swap power supplies.

      Motherboard - Intel Server Board S3219SHLX

      Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0

      Memory - 2 x Kingston KVR800D2E5/2G 1GB

      Raid Controller - Intel Raid Controller SRCSAS18E

      Drive cage - SC5295-E DP/WS/BRP Hot Swap

      Drives - 2 x Seagate Barracuda ST3750330NS 750Gb, 3 x Seagate Cheetah ST373455SS

      (Which drives are actually installed or the RAID configuration seems immaterial to my problem.

      And I have been running a simple configuration of 1 Barracuda in RAID 0 to test)

      Operating system - Windows XP Professional SP3.


      My problem is that they try to reboot after an indeterminate time ranging between minutes and days.


      To test this problem I set them up with bare XP running a small application that logs the time to a file every minute so that I can see when they crash. I leave this small application running with the "3D pipes" screensaver, configured with mixed, solid and multiple options, in order to exercise the CPU.


      After a random period of time they both restart but fail to boot to XP as the RAID drive has "disappeared". A manual soft reboot using the reset button and going into the RAID BIOS setup shows that the RAID enclosure is not being recognized. If the PC is powered off and restarted after a few seconds it mysteriously re-appears and the system boots up perfectly with no manual intervention.


      I am dealing with the supplier, who got the PCs from the local Intel agent, but I'm concerned that even if I send one or both back it’s going to take months to get any reasonable solution. Trying to contact Intel USA directly, cutting out all the middle men who probably may not have seen this configuration before, seems the quickest solution but difficult to achieve in practise.


      I did think I might have a heat problem as the main rear case fans run all the time at full speed but I disconnected this fan on one of them and it hasn't made any difference. The ambient temperature is normally about 21C.


      I know there is probably a lot more information that I need to provide, like the RAID BIOS log (which shows nothing), but does anybody out there have any suggestions on a way forward?