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    Respond to Ping

      Good afternoon,

      Is there a way to programatically check/uncheck the 'Respond to Ping' option found in the vPro WebGUI?  I would like to do this using Powershell, but any method would be helpful.  I can't locate this setting anywhere but within the WebGUI.  In fact, even when I run the SCSDiscovery tool this setting isn't represented in the registry.



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          Joseph Oster



          Changing your setting for "Respond to Ping can be performed in several ways.

          1) If your using SCS, you can push a re-provision to the client, with an appropriate profile with the Ping enabled/disabled

          2) WebUI

          3) Power Shell can also be used to perform this task remotely, see the Intel(R) AMT SDK Implementation and Reference Guide (snippet) on how to perform this task- search for " Set/Get General Network Settings"


          Let me know if you have any further questions


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            Hello Joe,

            Thanks for your response.  I was aware of the WebUI method and was trying to take the Powershell approach.  However, I'm having some difficulty.  When checking the WebUI to confirm whether or not the PingResponseEnabled setting was changed, I see that it wasn't.  However, when I output the array members to a text file, the setting has changed.

            Not sure what I'm missing, as it seems fairly straightforward.


            Thank you.


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              Joseph Oster

              Hello Anthony

              When I validated the powershell approach on friday, It worked as expected.


              What make & model system are you using?

              As well as BIOS and firmware Versions?


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                Silly me!  I realized my mistake.

                I had commented out the PUT statement.  Now it's functional.


                Thank you for your help



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                  I tried replying the other day but it didn't go through.  Apparently I wasn't using the 'Put' statement.  Thanks for you assistance.