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    Startup & Restart Issues

    Mark Lloyd

      Anyone seeing issues when restarting from o/s??


      o/s appears to shutdown fine and monitor goes to sleep but the NUC then never boots correctly. The power button is lit and a little SSD activity is seen but the BIOS screen never appears.


      Power off is reqd for NUC to boot.


      Also sometime and only on the odd occasion so I also see that the on power on via button that the BIOS fails to appear. Wake On Lan however appears to be flawless.


      Only BIOS change I have attempted is to disable 'fast-start' in case that was causing the issue but its still happening even after that change.


      Appreciate any feedback from the community to see if this has been seen.

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          Freddy Gonzalez

          Hello Mark Lloyd,


          Please let us know the model of your NUC for further investigation on this matter.

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            Mark Lloyd





            I have been testing with Server 2008 and 2012 which is probably not strictly supported on that motherboard but the same still happens on Windows 8 also.


            It doesn't seem to be O/S related IMHO.



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              Mark Lloyd



              I have also just updated my unit to latest release BIOS (Version 0040) which I was emailed about a few days ago.


              BIOS upgrade went fine and O/S started fine. Then performed a restart as I wanted to go into BIOS to confirm versions etc etc and the restart failed. The unit is just sitting there with solid blue power light and no video.


              As I now have some apps running on the NUC unit I thought I might just test them via remote and they are up and running so the system actually did start fine! Great news.


              This actually appears to be more of a video issue now where the monitor is not sensing any video output or some thing like that.