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    HD 4000 Options don't support multiple monitors?


      Hi Everyone,


      I've been having a lot of trouble trying to get my laptop to display on my TV through HDMI. After taking a look at it from many different perspectives, I think the issue is the integrated graphics (HD 4000). On both the Window display options and the nvidia graphics options (my laptop also has a geforce GT 650M) I have the ability to support multiple monitors and these both pick up on my TV as another monitor. I can even extend the desktop through these methods and I can move my mouse far off the screen as if there was two monitors, but the TV still says 'no signal'. I've tried this with another monitor and there's also a 'no signal' message.


      The thing is, when I look through the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel, there is no option for adding another monitor. The 'Multiple Displays' tab only gives me the option of a single monitor display, and the 'Monitor / TV Settings' tab the only thing mentioned is "monitor/tv settings not supported". I've tried uploading the most recent drivers, but nothing changes. There's also no mention of multiple displays in the BIOS, and I've unlocked everything that might have been preventing that (at least as far as I know).


      This is starting to drive me crazy; any help any of you can offer would be massively appreciated!