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    AMT KVM not working in Windows




      I have a vPro HP 8300 with a stock hardware configuration.  I've enabled AMT w/KVM and can connect fine using VNCViewer Plus (or the SDK version in the Commander tool).


      Everything works great down at the BIOS level, but as soon as Windows starts I lose keyboard and mouse (in the VNC session).  I left up the device manager, and when I connect via VNC I notice that a "HID compliant" mouse driver loads.  Nothing happens with the keyboard.  The keyboard and mouse continue working directly from the machine.


      The mouse and keyboard are both PS/2 and using the Standard PS/2 driver in Windows.


      Any ideas on what the problem might be?  I saw a couple other threads regarding this topic, but didn't find any resolution.  use




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          Joseph Oster

          I have only performed testing and deployments using USB keyboards and mice, in that configuration I have no issues with performing KVM related activities on HP E8300's.


          One suggest is that you update your Firmware and BIOS to the latest, as that may fix your specific issue.