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    What is the i3-2375M ?



      recently I've decided to buy a Windows 8 Tablet with an i3 processor.

      I have found the Iconia W700 as a good bargain but I'm confused about his technical specifications.

      Specifically the CPU is, according to the official Acer website (http://www.acer.it/ac/it/IT/content/model-datasheet/NT.L0QET.004), an "Intel® Core i3-2375M (1.50GHz)".


      As I didn't find this processor in the http://ark.intel.com portal, I asked to the Acer Italy support for the CPU full specification.

      All what I've got from them was this:

      • Intel
      • Core i3
      • i3-2375M
      • 1,50 GHz
      • Dual core (2 Core)
      • Cache 3 MB
      • 64-bit
      • Hyper-threading
      • HM77 Express


      Do someone have a clue of what CPU is this?