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    Fan speed issue with S5000PSLSATAR in SC5400LXI case


      Hi have just set up a new server with a S5000PSLSATAR MB in a SC5400LXi case. The 4 fans run flat out all the time, which is way too loud for my environment. I have Dual E5410 Processors with 2U passive cooling, 2 by 4GB FBDIMMS DDR2, and the AXX6DRV3GEXP. There are no hard drives installed in the drive cage yet. It has power to it and the IPMB cable connect to the backblane & MB. I am still to get the SAS RAID card I wish to use, so there are no SAS connections to the drive cage.

      When in the BIOS, I choose acoustic mode. The BIOS does not show any information in the chassis field.

      Is the fact that fans won't throttle back due to me not have something connected that I should have, or the missing field in the BIOS for the chassis (unsure how to get this information into the BIOS), or is it possible that one of the heat sinks on the CPU is not seated corrrectly causing a high CPU temperature? How can you find out the CPU temperature?


      Any help would be appreciated.