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    i7 3770 overclock

    Matej Customer

      Hello I have a question. I have i7 3770 (no K) 3.40 ghz and with turbo boost hits 3.9 ghz, and in bios there is an iption like oc non k and when i enable it it overclocks the cpu to 4.3 GHZ. Will 4.3 ghz be fine for this cpu? I own asrock z77 pro 3 mobo

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          We do not provide any guidance or support on overclocking. It is important to clarify that on the 'K' processors the clock multiplier is unlocked. On a 'non-K' turbo-mode you can modify only the Max Turbo Boost Multiplier.


          Please keep in mind that when a processor is overclocked the processor increases the core voltage at the cost of system stability, power consumption and heat dissipation and may damage or shorten CPU life.