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    need a little help with intel rapid storage tech and m-sata cache windows plz




      I have an HP Elitebook 8770W Laptop that comes with an intel 22Gig m-sata cache to accelerate my Hard disk. Till here all is perfect as it came pre-installed this way from factory and when doing a clean install of both windows 7 or 8 I have no problem installing windows in raid mode and then choosing to accelerate my disk in "Intel rapid storage technology" software (raid 0). All work perfect and result is very impressive.


      But here's the problem:


      1- I can put a second hard disk in that laptop and need to have a windows 7 installed on that second hard disk for my work and have windows 8 already installed on the first disk (the one that is accelerated) I then choose to boot from the desired hard disk at bios startup (F9 Choose boot device)


      Few times this setup has caused my hard disks to become corrupt (data loss, entire partition loss, partition in raw) What I need to know is simply what should I do to be able to safely have a dual boot? should I disable acceleration every time before booting to the second hard disk?


      2- Also sometimes I take out the hard disk (the primary accelerated one) and put another hard disk in the system (bootable with a windows already installed on that hard disk). What step should I take to prevent problems before switching to that disk? As doing this has also caused me problem sometimes.


      Should I first choose stop acceleration from windows on the first hard and dose doing this has a risk of data loss?