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    Advanced-N 6235 adapter unable to find networks. Bluetooth not finding either.


      Hi all:


      I just installed an Advanced-N 6235 mini PCIe adapter into a DQ77KB motherboard. (The system works flawlessly with a USB-N53 adapter from Asus. That is how I am typing this. 4 wireless networks are available to the Asus adapter)


      When I inserted the card, it went in easily at about a 40* angle. I had to apply pressure to keep it flat when inserting the 2 little end screws. Is that how it should be done?


      I downloaded the latest Windows 8 64-bit drivers from the Intel site. is the driver version installed. When I run Intel PROSet Wireless -> WiFi Manual Diagnostics - Run Tests, it says the hardware is enabled, the driver is loaded and the radio is on, but the scan test fails.


      Do I need to do anything else to get it to scan properly? Is there anything special I need to set in the Advanced properties?


      Also, the bluetooth scan of a new keyboard doesn't work. It found the keyboard once (after many failed attempts), appeared to load the drivers, allowed me to type about 4 characters, and then lost the connection permanently. It cannot find it again when I scan. It appears that there are a lot of bluetooth drivers installed on my system.


      Any ideas would be appreciated. I'd really like to get this working and free up 2 USB ports on my DQ77KB.


      Thank you.