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    x25-m & trim


      Windows 7 RC supports TRIM command. Are there any plans to update firmware?




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          Hi there,


          I will say so far, i cannot see any update in the firmware release notes that mentions something on the TRIM command. Probably it is under investigation.

          Since the Windows Seven RC was launched recently, i hoped soon that we will get an update whether the drives will be firmware-upgradeable to supporting TRIM command.


          Hopefully, it will, else i can see that many users will be extremely disappointed.


          Anyway, if someone could give us some light on this, it will be greatly appreciated.



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            I would like to know this as well. I am holding off building my new Core i7 system until I know for sure that Intel's X-25M or X-25E supports TRIM. Got my copy of Windows 7 RC, so the first step to full TRIM support is done.


            ...Now just waiting on Intel to make the next move.


            Also, I heard that Intel may be working on some sort of defrag utility for their SSD line. Is this true? If so, what is the status/ETA?

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              Does that mean Server2008R2 is also TRIM ready?

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                Hi Tingshen,


                According to this link below, Trim is supported in Windows 2008R2.





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                  Thanks Aryan! But I supposed only X25-M would benefit more than X25-E right?


                  Another thing is, what about Server Core installation? Would it also make use of TRIM? This is especially important for virtualization.

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                    I want to add my +1 for a word from Intel on when we can expect TRIM support. I have my x25-m, windows 7 rc1, and now all I'm waiting on TRIM support. C'mon Intel!

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                      haxorwear, is your computer running not fast enough?

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                        I'm getting excellent read speeds, but the writes are nowhere as good as the OCZ Vertex. A comparison of the same benchmark with different drives:


                        Block Size


                        Intel X25-m 80g

                        SSDSA2MH080G1GN, Firmware 045c8820

                        (read/write MB/s)

                        OCZ Vertex 30gb

                        (read/write MB/s)


                        The only difference is that OCZ has a TRIM tool they provide that allows you to periodically run. Both drives are being benchmarked under Windows7, which has TRIM support but none of the vendors have firmware with TRIM enabled, yet. I'm hoping Intel will make the move to get it out first, giving us the benefit early on.


                        You can see my reads are really good, but the writes are pretty poor in comparison. I didn't expect my X25-M to write half as fast as the OCZ Vertex. Has anyone else noticed this?

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                          Your x25-m speeds are according to specification. Even 70MB/s writes. This is probably intentional. Read this article for explanation : http://www.pcper.com/article.php?aid=691&type=expert&pid=1


                          On lower block size test intel is clearly winner in read/write performance as well as in iops. And that is what makes it better for system drive.