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    How to enable vPro on a Dell T5600 (Linux) workstation for remote KVM control?

    Peter Chiu



      I have just joined this forum and this can be a query posted before.

      My apologies if so.


      I have just bought a Dell T5600 workstation to run SUSE Linux operating system.

      One option I selected at the time of purchase is the Intel vPro support with the Intel E5-2620 CPUs.

      I understand from the DELL sales manager that this can allow simple remote KVM control such as power cycle or installation.


      I have looked at a couple of Intel vPro introductory/training videos but believe the Setup and Configuration Software (SCS) seems to require the monitoring system having vPro support itself.


      I wonder if there is a simpler way to enable the vPro remote KVM control on the Dell workstation without the need of another vPro system?


      The DELL web based iDRAC provides this type of function nicely for the server range but not for the workstations.


      Much appreciated if someone can shed some light on this.