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    DG31PR with BIOS PRG3110H.86A.0065 No VMX

      I have a DG31PR motherboard with an Intel C2D E8400 CPU.  This CPU supports Intel VT (Virtualization Technology).  Up until BIOS version PRG3110H.86A.0059 everything worked fine.  I recently tried to upgrade to BIOSes version 0064 and later 0065.  Both of these BIOSes disable VMX.  After installing them, I run Intel Processor ID Utility (ver 4.1) and it tells me there's no VT.  The VM software confirms there's no VT.  I tried turning off VT in the BIOS settings and then back on again (cycling the power each time).  It didn't do any good.  I also tried loading BIOS optimum settings.  No good.  Finally I reverted to BIOS 0059.  VT is back with this BIOS.  How do I submit a bug report to Intel about this?

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          Hi there,


          I suppose that Intel must know about it, because i have seen this in some other Intel Desktop Boards as well.


          Hopefully, this will be fixed soon.


          May be you can just report this case to them by sending them an email.



          Anyway, i appreciate your post, i am sure many people have had this problem.



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            Ok, I have the exactly same problem: DG31PR+E8400. Exactly same bios version 0065. According to Mr.Guest's suggestion, I reverted to bios version 0059. In my case still no vmx. Then I tried version 0068. Still no vmx. Then I upgraded to 0064. Atlast got the vmx. The securable tool is still reporting vmx is "Locked ON" but Intel Processor ID Utility is displaying availability of VT. The "Intel Integrator Assistant" is not listing the VT option in security section. But I got vt, and am able to check the option in Virtual PC.

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              I experienced the same problem with the DG31PR board after upgrading from a E5200 processor to a E6500 which has VT capabilities. I had previously upgraded to the latest bios 0068 which, according to Intel specs, is compatible with the E6500 processor. For the upgrade I used the Windows flash utility from the support site and the upgrade was reported to be successful and showed the correct bios version in the bios setup. After mounting the E6500 the VT option appeared in the Security bios menu and I could enable it. Programs using VT like VMare however reported no VT capabilities. In addition the bios Hardware reported a constant 84C temperature of the CPU and as a consequence the fans were running full-speed at all times. A search on similar problems brought the solution: Use bios restore instead of upgrade by simply putting the bios image file on a bank fat32 formatted USB stick, removing the bios jumper and using the restore procedure described at the support site. Only BIOS restore seems to guarantee that the processor data in the bios are properly updated!

              Now the bios reports correct CPU temperature and VT works flawlessly!

              Bottom line: use BIOS restore from USB

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                Hi All,

                I am writing this very late as of now most of the desktop MB have VT into it , I got a Intel DG31PR  and has VT as per intel and E2180 processor which does not have VT as per Intel.My question is i upgraded to 071 BIOS then downgraded to 059 still not VT showing up in BIOS. My question is will I be able to Intsall Win2008(64 bit) in VM ware after enabling VT which I still dont have in my BIOS.If possible buying only a VT enable proceesor work without getting a new motherboard.Please suggest me how to get a VT in my MB DG31PR.

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                  Could you please open a new discussion thread as your issue is different?  We will be glad to assist you.

                  However, it is required to have a processor that support VT technology in order to install the operating system in VM ware.


                  This is the list of compatible processors http://processormatch.intel.com/CompDB/SearchResult.aspx?BoardName=DG31PR