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    latest driver

      ive recently installed the latest driver for my video card. not sure which one it is but laptop is an hp g60-235dx. about every other hour the screen goes completely blank and says something about the igfx display has stopped responding but has recoverd. should i just go back to an older driver or is there another way to fix this?

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          so we have no solution to this problem?

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            Hello Mark,


            For this type of issue I would suggest that you contact the manufacturer of your laptop, which is HP, if I am not wrong. Normally, even if it has got an Intel® chipset inside, since it is an OEM product, they may have modified the hardware, thus the drivers downloaded directly from the Intel® website may not always work or may cause some unexpected issue. Hence I think is is better to contact HP an report the issue to them.

            This link might guide you to your appropriate manufacturer's support site: http://support.intel.com/support/feedback.htm



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              Hello, I also experienced the same problem yesterday(5/14/09) and today(5/15/09) I fixed the problem by reinstalling the previous driver, that simple. Note: I also have the same laptop mentioned in this thread G60-235DX