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    DH55PJ Motherboard having problem

    Suman Baul

      A few days earlier I started having problems with my hdd, Im having 2 hdd 160gb(system) and 500gb another, got problem on 500gb, problem was hdd stops responding sometimes and started making noises.

      So got it replaced adn now with a new 500gb hdd, having some other problems.

      Sometimes(not always) the hdd would not respond. While it works fine with only one hdd.

      Also getting problems with the writer(sata), i have changed the sata ports and also changed the wires dont know what is happening.

      the writer stops responding sometimes resulting in corrupt burns and read problems.

      While reading any cd.if it stops responding, i take out the cd/dvd but still computer hangs. Formatted my system but nothing helped.

      Is it because of motherboard problem??

      Please help me out.


      Having real trouble working.