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    DH77EB don't boot after flash BIOS


      Today I tried to update the BIOS from 0053 to 0099.

      update finished successfully

      but after that computer does not start: it runs, but after 3 seconds overloaded.


      recovery is not working.

      I removed the jumper

      I tried using 2 different stick: 2GB FAT, FAT32 4GB.

      I wrote a step-by-step on them all the BIOS versions (*. BIO), downloaded from the website.

      I tried to write the file. BIO on CD-R disc, but it did not help.



      I cleaned SMOS, removing the battery for 1 hour



      systemboard power on - and after 3-4 seconds - 2 times flashing light STDBY and reseting



      How do I solve this problem?