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    PM55 driver, Device unknown Win8/64

    Sune Nielsen

      Hey Intel


      I recently installed windows 8 on my Sony Vaio VPCF12Z1E/BI.

      In device manager there is one onknown device.


      I tried using Intels system identification utility, below is the result:




      Trying to use the Chipset identification utility is no luck for me as im on 64-bit windows.

      Doing a search on "PM55" gets me no hits when searching for drivers on intel.com.

      i downloaded the Intel Chipset Driver from Sony´s site, listed under preinstalled items for Windows7. Its installes without problems, but the device still lists as unknown in my device manager.


      Any help?


      Best regards



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          Hi Sune Nielsen,


          I see you have an Intel 5 series chipset, please bear in mind this type of chipset was not designed to work under win8, if you are looking for an updated driver, you need to look for Windows Updates or through your computer manufacturer; they are familiar with the total configuration of your system.




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            Clinton Harrold

            Hi Nielsen,


            5 Series chipset is just fine with Windows 8, although 8 is a total waste of time in my opinion.


            Your unknown device is probably the SOL (serial over lan) of the Intel(R) Management Engine.


            Simple fix really once you know what it is.


            Let me know what platform (Model notebook, mainboard, etc), if you can't find it and I'll assist.


            Dell's file is SWB_DRVR_ME7P1_5M_7_1_52_1176_A04_setup_ZPE, of course the key here is the ME7, Management Engine 7 (Windows 7). It will work just fine with Windows 8. Because just as Windows 7 is Vista with the problems fixed, Windows 8 is Windows 7 with a retarded look!


            More personal opinion....And for you Windows 8 fans out there that plan on bashing me, I don't care...

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              Clinton Harrold



              I believe your going to need a file called, INDMEI-00251362-0042.EXE, Just do a Google (or whatever) search and that should resolve your issue.