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    i920 'locked' C0/C1 cannot use ddr3 1333mhz ram?!

      I recently build a rig using the Asus P6T and a CPU I brought from MicroCenter, a  i7 920 C0/C1.  Believing the the Motherboard plus Ram was bad i'm on the 2d MB plus 3rd set of Ram with the exact same problem - I cannot get this rig to post to 1333mhz - The CPU with OC with no problem at all but as soon as I move the Ram anything towards 1300 It will not even post to the Bios. Right now the ram speed is at 1282mhz, the highest I can post to.


      In the Asus p6T forum I was told that I have a 'Locked' 920 - I thought all 920 before the D0's came out were 'locked', but still OC-friendly using the proper Bios settings.  This was concluded as when I switch to 'Manual' in the AI Tweaker, the ' Turbo ' option completely dissappears as an option in my Bios.  Does anyone here have a clue as to this being the case?!  I have seen mulitple Site and on Forums with persons able to get there C0/C1 920 ram all the way past 1600 even, so what's the deal here?  Mine came in the Blue Box/w fan, everything seemed ok till this problem!  Help!

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          I have the same cpu i7 920 CO with the DX58SO INTEL motherboard..i installed 3x1gb kingston 1333mhz.................when my system boot it say D0, D1, D2, D3 not detected witch means the DIMMS.............but if i go inside the bios i can see that i have 3072 mb of rams running at 1067 mhz...........so i don't know where is the problem yet...............by the way the motherboard can't see my IDE controller for the optical drive...so i have to install a sata dvd-rom so i can install the windows and see what will happen.


          do you think it's something about updating the bios? because i'm not going to overclock my 920.


          if u have any news with you tell me..we have the same problem and if i find something i'll tell you..............nobody is helping here....community!