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    Intel D865DBF Board / P4 Processor  Thermal Shutdown Issue


      I have a workstation that was bought new about 6 years ago. I have NEVER had any problems with it until today.

      I was using Adobe Premier Pro and rendering a pretty small video. I walked out of the room for five minutes, and

      when I got back, the workstation was off. I tried restarting it, but the screen flashed the thermal error and it shut

      right back down again. I opened the case, cleaned all of the fans and heat sinks, which were not all that dirty, and

      let the system cool off for over an hour. It shut right down immediately, even after cooling completely off. Nothing that

      I touched on the board was even warm to the tough yet. I repeated this several times with no luck.


      Has anyone ever experienced this scenario? What might be the cause? Or where do I even begin to look for the

      remedy? Unfortunately I need to get that video finished and delivered to my client asap. So any advice would be

      greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!