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    Screen tearing  dual display problems on Intel HD Graphics 2000


      Dear community,

      I have two problems that I do not know the real answer.

      Can you tell me what the problem is with the screen tearing in 'clone mode' on the secondary display. This does not happen in 'extended mode' or 'single display' operating mode. Screen tearing occurs when fast-moving scenes in movies in the top of the screen regardless of a secondary screen TV or monitor.

      Another problem is illustrated by the video http://youtu.be/O1eXjNKLNw8


      It's about going to disappear and the image on the primary screen in 'clone mode' if the secondary display (LG TV connected via HDMI) selected antenna input instead of an HDMI input.

      If you are watching TV (via an antenna) and then turns off the TV (on the computer in the GPU option selected 'single display' on the monitor, Dell U2312HM). After switching on the TV, the computer speakers sound notifications appear in about one minute, but the screen without disappearing.

      That can be annoying if someone in my house watching TV and I work on the computer.

      I doubt that the problem is in the Intel drivers so hopefully this will be fixed in the next version if it can not otherwise be corrected.

      The same occurs at lower screen resolutions supported and lower refresh rate. It does not help either turn vsync nor changes in older drivers. I upgraded the BIOS on the motherboard. I do not know what more to do.

      Primary display: Dell U2312HM via DVI cable

      Secondary display: LG 37LD456 via HDMI cable

      Graphic card: intel HD 2000 (Celeron G540, Sandy Bridge)

      GPU driver version:

      MBO: Gigabyte GA-B75-D3H,updated BIOS to version F12

      OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1

      I hope you will help me. Thanks in advance. I apologize for the bad English.

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          Hi ultimatenavigator,


          When the displays are working in clone mode then they are sharing the same resolutions, refresh rates, etc.  Since you are not using the native resolution of the monitors then it is expected you will not get the best display quality in one of the monitors or both.  If the displays are in either single display or extended mode then you can have the native resolution of each display.


          With the second issue I believe that when you turn on the LG TV the computer detects a hardware change through the HDMI cable so that may be the reason why the computer is behaving that way.



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            Dear Fred_Intel,


            I check again TV's and monitor specification. Seem that TV 37LD465 natively support display resolution 1080p and 60 Hz over HDMI and monitor Dell U2312HM also natively support 1080p, 60Hz. I set this resolutions and refresh rates manualy for each display (1080p, 60Hz).

            dell u2312hm.png LG 37LD465.png


            I agree for second issue that is about hardware change detection, although this fashion is too anoying. Some info ballon in right corner is way better solution, imho.


            Thank You very much!