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    My HD 4000 doesn't dynamically use enough resource (RAM, CPU) !



      I'm a mechanical engineer using Catia V5, which is a decent and easy to run software with an external GPU.

      After I read about how intel HD 4000 with 3rd gen. CPU does great job with even the most recent video games, I suggested my company to have this laptop.

      But now it looks like I was wrong.

      Cause it's lagging on even the simplest models.


      I've used several monitoring software to see how GPU operates during Catia modelling. Intel extreme tuning utility says: GPU runs only with 650 Mhz and on graphic card's own configuration (there's not much options you can change though) window it says Graphic memory in use: 200-300 MB only! I did every configuration, combination but nothing changed..


      It's an HP 8470p laptop with:

      intel i5 3210M CPU w/ HD 4000 shared GPU (it says up to 1.7 MB and 1150 Mhz!!)

      4 GB RAM


      There's no configuration on BIOS to set minimum or maximum GPU memory usage.

      I also contacted with HP techical support but they couldn't solve the problem. The only thing they say, intel GPU shall dynamically arrange and use enough resource to be able to run any software. I'm gonna probably report it to customer rights cause they also reject to refund or change the product.


      I hope there's a solution left for that, although I'm searching for it for about a month..



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          Hello Sinan,


          I understand you are having problems with the Intel® HD Graphics 4000 and the shared memory in the system.


          Please note that the use shared memory that is taken from the RAM memory installed on your computer.


          The feature that sets the amount of memory that is used for video is called Intel(R) Dynamic Video Memory Technology and this will make the graphics controller only to use the amount of RAM memory that it requires to run the different applications or software's. I’m afraid that there is no way to preset this to a specific value, you can only limit the maximum memory that it can take. You will see this option usually in BIOS and you will have 3 options, 128MB, 256MB and maximum DVMT. Other values can be found as 512MB, etc but this depends on the motherboard manufacturer and the amount of RAM memory installed on your computer.


          Please note that also, depending in the system manufacturer they may lock some options in the BIOS for users, so if these options are not in the BIOS the best option will be to contact HP in your case, and request if possible to have this enabled.