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    Series 7 C216 chipset

    James Farquhar

      I've been trying to use my digital audio interface which is USB 2.0 with my new Dell laptop which only has USB 3.0 ports.

      I bought the new laptop under the impression that everything would work, but much to my dismay it does not.

      Everywhere I look online and everyone I have called all point the finger at Intel.

      So my question is, are there any plans to include Isochronous streaming capability into your USB 3.0 drivers ?

      I would really like to think that I haven't wasted my money on all the gear I have purchased.

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          Being this a USB 2.0 interface, you might be having an isolated compatibility problem with the USB 3.0 controller of your system.


          In this case, we suggest that you check with DELL for an option in BIOS to disable the USB 3.0 support and use these ports as USB 2.0 host controller ports, or you may simply try by uninstalling the USB 3.0 drivers on the system and then test the USB 2.0 device.

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            James Farquhar

            Hello Diego,


            I have updated my bios, unfortunately there is no way in the bios to disable USB 3.0

            I also tried uninstalling the USB 3.0 drivers that windows 8 installed by default and

            then installed genuine intel drivers. No change. I can not just

            disable the 3.0 driver in device manager because I then lose all usb functionality.

            If I just remove the driver in device manager windows just re-installs it upon reboot.

            I have done a lot of research and found the number of people with this same problem

            is pretty high. I have that using audio recording devices use Isochronous streaming

            which works great in usb 2.0 but not so good in usb 3.0 with c216 chipsets. I even

            found an article on the intel website that confirms it.




            Look at Errata No 1


            Now if you know of a way I can remove the 3.0 driver and install 2.0 driver I would be willing try it.

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              In this case, Microsoft* Windows* 8 has inbox drivers that come with the operating system itself, so even if you uninstall the driver from Device Manager, the operating system will also have the appropriate driver to load. You might try using an older operating system like Microsoft* Windows* 7 in a separate drive or partition and do not load any USB 3.0 drivers to test on this.

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                James Farquhar

                OK since windows 8 has all this UEFI embedded into my system, you have to jump through hoops to install windows 7.


                I decided to buy a new HDD and do fresh install of windows 7. No USB 3.0 drivers were installed. All my audio

                gear now works just as it is supposed to.

                Which is great, however I should not have had to go and spend more money just to make something work. The drivers should have worked right from the start

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                  We appreciate your feedback on this matter James. Let me make sure that your comment reaches the proper department for future consideration on that errata.