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    Problem with replace LSIiBBU01 on RAID Controller SRCS28X


      Good day!

      I have Intel RAID Controller SRCS28X with on-board battery LSIiBBU01.

      RAID controller firmware version - 815E.
      Battery is bad after 1year.
      I buy new battery LSIiBBU01 (LiON) and replace old battery.I boot system.

      During this time, I see bios of controller don't loading and raid controller don't present in system after reboot.

      I remove battery from controller and boot system without battery. Bios of controller upload and RAID controller present in system normally.

      With new battery on board  - controller don't defined in system.

      Battery is good, I testing it with different RAID Controller (LSI SAS 8308ELP).

      What can I do for installing new battery on RAID Controller SRCS28X ?