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    SR2612URR - installing 12 HDD



      I want to install twelve  3TB SATA HDD on SR2612URR. Server Board S5520UR only have 6 SATA ports but I need 12 SATA ports.

      I donot want any RAID.

      If I buy a  RAID Controller RS2WC080  to connect 6 additional HDD. Will it solve the issue ?

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          The Intel® Server System SR2612UR has an active SAS Midplane. The midplane is designed 24-port SAS expander. The midplane provides SAS connectivity between any attached SAS host adapter and the 12 3.5-inch SAS/SATA hard disk drives located in the front of the system.


          Look a the SR2612UR Technical Product Specification or Service Guide for more information on the 24-port SAS expander midplane.


          What you need is a SAS host adapter that does what you need to plug into the expander midplane.