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    Intel HD 4000 Hdmi text problem


      Hello i have a laptop ACER aspire v3-571g  , Intel I5 ( 2,4 Ghz turbo bost to 3,1 ) with Intel HD 4000 + Nvidia g force gt 640 2GB , 4 GB ram , 750 Hard disk .

      I conected the laptop from a RGB wire to a TV ( LG LH5000 ) Everything was fine , the text was good except the quality is not so good on RGB so i boutht a HDMI wire and conected to TV again , but i encounter a problem , The text is blurry , or jitter or  something like that , its like the text has not sharpen at all , in rest everything works fine , when i play a game the text is good i asume becuase i use the other grapchic card , if i see a movie for exemple the subtitle is fine , only the text from windows / desktop has the problem , i will attach a photo , but i dont think you can see much because its made directly to tv so its not the best quality . I try the HDMI wire on another laptop with g force graphic card and it works very good , only to this i have the problem , and the colors are a little wired on dekstop , for exemple the folders have a strange yellow color but in this photo you cant see that... I have this laptop from 2 weeks and the driver are up to date , i got the last intel hd 4000 driver .