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    SE7320SP2.86B.P.11.00.0043.032420060930 - error 019A at boot with 2 CPU



      I am use "SE7320SP2.86B.P.11.00.0043.032420060930" with 2 CPU "Intel Xeon 2.8 GHz SL7ZG Socket 604".

      On a single processor system works great. After I added the exact same second processor - a system boot has the following message:

      "Error(019A): Processor voltage mismatch detected." And system stop loading.

      When i press "F1" - system boots and runs perfectly.



      My system information:

      MB: SE7320SP2.86B.P.11.00.0043.032420060930

      2 CPU: Intel Xeon 2.8 GHz SL7ZG, Socket 604

      Server Board MCH Stepping: C4

      CPU1 ID: F43

      CPU2 ID: F43

      Server Board Part Number: C49813-603

      Server Board S/N: QTFMSY53100637

      SDR: 6.6.J

      PIA Rev.: 4F00

      BMC dev. rev.: 01

      BMC dev. ID: 20

      BMC Firmware rev.: 0240


      Tell me, what can I do to remove the warning at system boot:

      "Error(019A): Processor voltage mismatch detected."