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    Intel HD Graphics 3000 Driver update seeming to cause lag

    Kingso Carso

      Computer: Dell XPS 14 Z

      Chipset: HM67 Sandy Bridge

      OS: Win7 Enterprise 64-bit SP1

      CPU: i5 2450M (2.5 GHz)

      RAM: 6 GB


      First off, the timeline of my problem so you know why I can't rollback drivers. I was getting a BSOD frequently and, in my frantic search to end it, updated a bunch of drivers using a 3rd party program that sucked. It actually mostly worked, except for a wrong update in the graphics driver that caused a million more BSODs. I found the error and uninstalled the driver, installing the new version of it over it. Problem is, new one is more stable but lags games. The main game I'm having the problem with is Minecraft. It was able to run extremely well with many programs in the background. With the new driver, I've noticed that there have been severe lag issues making the game completely unplayable. The FPS is around 1-3, even on main menu.

      Steps I've taken:

      1. Restart computer

      2. Clear Java Cache

      3. Install Optifine (Minecraft Optimization Mod) to make sure it was not a game problem

      4. Update Java to latest version (7 u15)