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    Intel HD 4000 Hdmi text problem


      Hello i have a laptop ACER aspire v3-571g  , Intel I5 ( 2,4 Ghz turbo bost to 3,1 ) with Intel HD 4000 + Nvidia g force gt 640 2GB , 4 GB ram , 750 Hard disk .

      I conected the laptop from a RGB wire to a TV ( LG LH5000 ) Everything was fine , the text was good except the quality is not so good on RGB so i boutht a HDMI wire and conected to TV again , but i encounter a problem , The text is blurry , or jitter or  something like that , its like the text has not sharpen at all , in rest everything works fine , when i play a game the text is good i asume becuase i use the other grapchic card , if i see a movie for exemple the subtitle is fine , only the text from windows / desktop has the problem , i will attach a photo , but i dont think you can see much because its made directly to tv so its not the best quality . I try the HDMI wire on another laptop with g force graphic card and it works very good , only to this i have the problem , and the colors are a little wired on dekstop , for exemple the folders have a strange yellow color but in this photo you cant see that... I have this laptop from 2 weeks and the driver are up to date , i got the last intel hd 4000 driver .



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          The reason the text is blurry or jitters could be caused by the graphics driver you are currently using. When you are using the combination of Intel HD 4000 + Nvidia g force gt 640, you must use the graphics driver provided by your system manufacturer since our generic drivers will not work with switchable graphics.

          To get the proper graphics driver provided by Acer go to the following URL:

          Computer Manufacturer Support Web Sites

          For more information regarding switchable graphics go to the link below:

          Graphics — Switchable Graphics feature FAQ



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            Milan Djukic

            I have a similar situation.


            My configuration:

            MB: Asrock Z77 Extreme 4

            CPU: 3570K

            OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

            Monitor: Samsung T22B350

            No additional graphic card.


            My computer is connected to the Monitor via HDMI cable. I also have a situation with blurry text.

            ClearType text adjustment in windows did not help.

            It looked like vertical lines of the letters had a shadow. When looking through magnifier tool in windows

            (letter M for example) it looked like green, red and blue part of the letter are not overlapped but arranged side by side at one pixel distance. Horizontal lines (letter L for example) appeared correct, only at both ends there were mostly red and blue that didn't overlap. Just to be sure that this was not optical illusion because I used this magnifier tool and to check that there was nothing wrong with my monitor, I connected my old computer running on Win XP (Nvidia graphic, AMD CPU and so on). This time when using magnifier tool, letters were 100% correct, sharp, precise and only in black color. The same situation I had with my company laptop (Intel 2250 or something like that and external graphic card, Win 8 x64).


            I hope I didn't make a mistake by buying excellent CPU but with integrated graphic (200eur).

            Maybe the solution will be to have external graphic (+100eur)...


            Apologies if my English grammar was bad.

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              What is your Intel(R) graphics driver version?

              Are you using any kind of video adapters?

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                Milan Djukic

                Adapter: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000

                Driver Version:


                I hope I understood your question correctly.

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                  Make sure you are not using any kind of video adapters or splitters.

                  Test a different HDMI cable, install your monitor drivers, test a different TV, update your BIOS version, and for last try the graphics driver from your system manufacturer since our graphics drivers from the Intel site are generics.

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                    Milan Djukic

                    That was all confirmed and tested. Yesterday I tried one more thing. I have installed Win 7 x64 and Win XP x64 in multiboot configuration in order to compare the performance. As it was expected, display under Win XP was perfect, every detail sharp, even the smallest letter. During installation of Win 7, when generic driver (Standard VGA driver) was installed display also looked fantastic. At next restart, when actual driver was installed (Intel HD4000... something like that) I had a situation like described above. Driver was installed during installation of MB drivers. I have Asrock Z77 Extreme4 mother-board.

                    So... It wasn't CPU with GPU, it wasn't mother-board, but most probably Windows or drivers (or Clear View Adjustment technology, which doesn't exist in Win XP).


                    I have to apologize for not having enough faith in Intel hardware 8-).

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                      No problem, and  thank you for purchasing Intel products.

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                        So, what is the solution?  I too have an ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 motherboard and am experiencing some weird video behavior.  For me, I can reproduce in HDMI, DVI, and VGA.  When graphics are displayed, they are distorted.  And, text is hard to read. 


                        My configuration:

                        MB: Asrock Z77 Extreme 4-M

                        CPU: 3570K

                        OS: Windows 7 Professional x64

                        Monitor: ASUS VH232H

                        Adapter: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000

                        Driver Version:

                        No additional graphic card.

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                          You could try a clean installation of the operating system, and try a different processor to check if the graphics controller is defective.

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                            Milan Djukic



                            I think that you could accept this as a final solution/explanation.

                            I researched about this problem a bit more on the web.

                            There was an answer that perfectly fits to this  (and my) problem, but can't remember where it was...8-((


                            The problem was with ClearVIew Technology built in Win7 (because Billy G thought it was a smart idea) to enhance display on flat screens. In some situations it will works perfectly, in others not. Nobody could explain why. With WinXP there are no such smart technologies, therefore no problems.


                            It is actually sum of everything: BIOS, graphics, cables, monitor,... that would influence efficiency of ClearVIew (again, thanks Billy).

                            Anyway, after some time ( a week maybe) my eyes adjusted to the messed up screen.

                            In office I am using Win7 (didn't have much choice) but home I installed WinXP, because I am trying to save my eyes for couple  of years more.

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                              I see what you mean by a black "m" being composed of vertical lines of different colors. This can be seen by getting a screen shot (Print Screen) and pasting it into mspaint.exe and increasing the Zoom. However, when I use Windows XP Magnifier (the one that takes the top inch all the way across the screen and resizes the vertical desktop resolution), the text becomes crisp and clear. A screen shot into Paint shows all black characters with white pixels between verticals.

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                                Oh sorry, it was a Microsoft issue solved by https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/926705 .

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                                  Hi All,


                                  The latest Graphics driver for Intel® HD 4000, is version 4276, published on 9/21/2015.



                                  Mike C