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    Starts Problem over DG33BUC

      I have an intel dg33buc motherboard, with a processor intel E4700, when i conect a portable modem over the usb port in the back or in the front, It cause that the machine doesn´t start normaly. I must restarte it manually by the keyboard when the message is EB_ , all of this occurs before Windows Starts. The complete error tree is:  E0_ > E7_ > EB_ .

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          Hi there,]

          To be honest, i will say that i have seen many scenario like this. Some people are having problem with sd card, printer, wireless devices.

          As Intel does not validate all hardware on their website, it is best to check from the external device manufacturer support site.


          As on Intel side, try different bios versions and see if there is any difference.


          Actually, i will advise you
          Go to Boot Menu
          Boot Menu: Advance
          Boot Priority: Hard Disk Drive First
          Boot to Removable Devices Disable
          Boot to Network Disable
          Boot to Optical Device Disable
          USB Boot Disable
          Boot USB Device First Disable
          USB Mass Storage Auto


          Post Code meaning:
          E0 Started dispatching PEIMs (emitted on first report of EFI_SW_PC_INIT_BEGIN
          E7 Waiting for user input
          EB Calling Legacy Option ROMs


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