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    I set a custom resolution on HD 4000 but cannot find or apply it.


      Hey everyone, I have a question for you. I have a Lenovo Yoga and it's native resolution is 1600x900, but I want to set it lower to 1280x720 for when I play Guild Wars 2. See, I run the game in 1280x720 and sometimes when I alt+tab out of the game the PC remains at that resolution. The reason why I want this resolution for my PC outside of the game is because resuming or starting the game from this resolution results in a noticeable increase in performance. I'm assuming this is because there is no resolution scaling needed on the HD 4000's part. Strangely though, sometimes when I tab out the PC goes back to 1600x900. It seems very random.


      I will obviously be using 1600x900 for everything other than Guild Wars 2, I just need this resolution to start the game from for increased performance.


      What I'm confused about is setting custom resolutions. For some reason my Yoga does not have the option to display in 1280x720 without the game's interference. It's kind of hard to explain - when I go to select different resolutions sometimes after playing the game, there are more options. I created a custom resolution for 1280x720 so that the game will run better right from the get go and so I wouldn't have to almost trick the computer into showing me more resolution options. I created this resolution in the custom resolution settings area of the Intel Graphics Properties, yet I've come to a brick wall on what to do next. The custom resolution is not showing up anywhere either in the Windows or the HD 4000 control panel.

      I know this PC is capable of displaying in that resolution, but I don't understand why the HD 4000 control panel isn't letting me apply that resolution I just created. It simply isn't showing up anywhere.