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    Problems overclocking 3960X

    Sverre Munthe

      Asus RIVE, Corsair Dominator 1600, Gainward GTX690 + good water cooling.

      Just reinstalled my Windows 7 64bit Professional on clean disk Corsair Force GT 480GB.


      Used Gamers OC in BIOS.



      I have to up my VCORE to 1.44v just to get passed login screen. To get Windows to load completely I need 1.45v. To be able to run 3DMark11 1.47v.

      I have also uped my VTT at the same time, and it's now at 1.3v

      This is obviously way to high.


      So what is the reason for this? Do I have a "bad" processor? Is there any programs to test the CPU in the same way you do RAM?


      Here's a link to my last 3DMark11 score:  http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/6047169