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    DH77EB - Monitor flashes when starting Windows 7 Professional 64 bit


      My computer is connected via a DVI cable to a Samsung monitor.


      When I start Windoiws 7, it goes through the startup process and loads Windows, I can hear the Windows startup sound.


      There are times that Windows loads completely to the login page. Other times, the monitor starts flashing on and off, other times, it is just black.


      In both cases, pressing the moniotr power button restores it to normal functionality. There are no further problems for the duration of the session.


      This motherboard replaced an older board - the problem did not exist with that board. I am using the same DVI cable as before. I tried a different DVI cable that works with another computer/monitor (also Samsung) and the problem is still present.


      I am using the integrated graphics - no discrete video card installed. CPU is an Intel I3. System has 8 GB DDR3 10600 RAM.