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    G33/G31 intel chip sets and Aten KVM


      Hi Guys

      I just need some assistance with an issue i seem to be having with a few machines. I have a bunch of PC on a work bench. They are connected in pairs to aten 2 port USB KVM's. Now i noticed that when i switch screen the resolution looked off when i came back to the pc. What i noticed is that when i switch pc's the resolution drops from 1440X900 to 1152X864 and no matter how many times i change it back to 1440X900 when i switch from one pc to another and back again it has reverted back to 1152X864. Now i have a mix of pc's configured in this setup and i have noticed it only happens with those that are running the G33/G31 chip. the others are running other intel chipsets and they work fine it is isolated to the G33/G31. I have tried updating drivers and rolling back and still no joy. Any help you could provide would be great thanks