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    Intel RST "FailedToClaimDevice" when trying to "Mark As Spare"

    Matt. K.

      I've gone through just about everything to try and get this working, but haven't gotten far so far.


      One of the disks in my RAID5 is dying, and I want to replace it, but "An Unknown Error has occured" is all I get when I try and mark the replacement drive as a "spare"


      So, I have a RAID5 Setup, for about 4 years now. Recently, warranties on the disks have all died.One of the drives had a SMART error and has trouble booting unless its chilled beforehand (otherwise it hangs in the bios when it gets to the disk/RAID initialization after POST.) Its currently rebuilt right now (the RAID), and I have an extra drive as a replacement (which my OS used to be on).. Originally This disk used to be part of the raid, but got taken out to house an OS. Now I have an extra disk to hold the OS, which is smaller, and I used Norton GHOST 15 to copy my OS drive over to it.


      So the drive now is marked as "Unallocated Space" and has been changed to several different types of disks, but any time I try and mark the drive "Mark As Spare" in the Raid Manager, It hangs for about 50 seconds and then says "An Unknown error has occurred, cannot complete the operation." In the System event log, I see this:


      IAStorUtil.StorageAction.DiskMarkAsSpare action failed:  FailedToClaimDevice


      When ever I try and reset the disk to normal, I see this:


      IAStorUtil.StorageAction.DiskResetSmart action failed:  FailedToResetSmartEvent

      Is there any where else where I can get more information on whats going on? I'll try a different HDD 1TB, but I will need to copy the drive over, to the current one. I'm not quite sure why this is failing, but even on different ports, i get the same event.


      Any suggestions?


      Here are some things I'm going to try.


      1) Different, New Disk

      2) Updating RST

      3) A Different OS


      I'm running out of options though, and any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly helpful. The only other thing I could find relating to this was this thread: RAID 5 Rebuild to another disk


      My Raid is currently 3.8TB of Data that I don't want to loose. (I might end up just getting a 4TB HDD and putting everything on the single disk, or something like that).


      "Windows 7 x64 SP1 on a eVGA x58 Tri-SLI Motherboard"