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    Intel HD 4000 laggy in Windows 7 (NOT gaming)

    Steve McKeogh

      Howdy all,


      Wondering if anyone else is experiencing general overall lag in their desktop on Windows 7 (same would occur on Windows 8 I would assume).


      I got a Mac Mini 2.3GHz i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB Crucial M4 SSD with Intel HD 4000 GFX ampand everything is nice and snappy in OS X. But in Windows 7 its just laggy. The main example I can give is when resizing windows (be it Chrome, Firefox, Windows explorer etc) its just lags when you do it and you see ghosting around the window as you do it. Sometimes the genie effect of minimising/maximising windows lags a bit too, just a general overall performance issue.


      It's nothing majorly drastic that makes it unusable, its just quite annoying.


      I'm not referring to any gaming lags here, I don't do PC gaming so couldn't care less about that, but it shouldn't lag in Windows desktop right?


      I have the latest HD 4000 drivers from intel.com also, so nothing I can do there... but I am sensing its just a driver issue more than anything else.


      Interested to know if anyone has this problem.