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    missing rdrand instruction on 3rd gen processors


      I happen to have one of those processors from stepping E1/L1/N0 that do not execute the rdrand instruction, because it was 'forgotten' in a cpuid register.


      From the Specupdate (jan 2013):


      BV54. The RDRAND Instruction Will Not Execute as Expected


      On processors that support the RDRAND instruction, that capability should be reported via the setting of CPUID.01H:ECX.RDRAND[bit 30]. Due to this erratum, that bit will not be set, and the execution of the RDRAND instruction will result in a #UD exception.



      Software will not be able to utilize the RDRAND instruction



      It is possible for the BIOS to contain a workaround for this erratum to report RDRAND as present via CPUID and allow proper execution of RDRAND.



      For the steppings affected, see the Summary Tables of Changes.



      If I read the spec update correctly, this could be fixed by a firmware update. What are the plans to issue this update?