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    USB3 Front panel cable length does not reach MoBd.

    Debra Gillilan


      I just finished installing my new Intel DZ77RE-75K motherboard and an Intel i7 3770 CPU into my case, which is a ATX form factor case of no huge dimensions, in fact, small as these go.  The USB3 cable which goes from the back of the USB3 front panel piece will not reach my motherboard. It is short by at least 4 inches.  SO I presently, temporarily, have the front panel just lying in the lowest open bay, about 3 inches from the front edge of the case.

      I do not see any type of extension possible that is available for this 20 pin connection which would need a male side and then the female side to push onto the motherboard header of 20 pins; I looked at newegg.com. Does anyone else have this problem and what did you do to get your front panel USB3 piece to be at the front edge of your case bay, and still reach comfortable to connect to the motherboard header?


      While I'm here, does anyone have a suggestion of an item to "Fit" the bay flat piece arond this "front panel" so that it fits a 5.25 inch bay opening with a black bay cover thing that one could punch out certain areas to "Fill in" the gaps? The provided USB3 front panel piece must be designed for the 3.25 inch bay opening.


      Thank you,