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    Unable to Install Windows XP on DG965RY board


      Dear Experts,

      I am trying to install windows XP on my pc but having a hard time. I have the following hardware:

      Motherboard:   Intel DG965RY
      Processor:       Intel Duo Core
      Hard Disk:       Western Digital SATA 500 GB

      I have recently bought the SATA hard disks. Life was very happy with the old IDE hard disk.

      My XP installation on the SATA keeps failing at different points, like:

      1) During Formatting the disk
      2) During Installation
      3) It simply doesn't move forward after reaching to a point where XP says "3 Minutes" left
      4) Everything goes fine and the blue screen appears

      I replaced the SATA disk and bought a new SATA, but again I fail to install.

      Your experience would really bring my life to peace.