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    RAID 0 + 5


      I’m trying to bye myself new pc. I select the motherboard and I found one very interesting feature on an ICH10R. I intent to bye 6 x Seagate Barracuda 1000GB/7200/SATA2/32MB and on Intel site found that I can crate two RAID volumes on a single RAID array so I decided to crate one RAID0 volume for the OS and applications and second RAID5 for storage.  And my question is: What happens if there is a disc failure? For about two years my PC is working fine with RAID 5 and several times I changed drives and just rebuild the array but if my OC is on the RAID 0 volume I will have to create new array and install OS there then add new drive and try to rebuild the RAID5 volume. Is anyone having any experience with that configuration? I also want to ask what happens if there is a motherboard failure: can I just pick any ICH10R or ICH9R motherboard or I need to bye the exact same model?

      Thanks in advance