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    System memory

    Marcio de Lima

      I bought a intel DZ68BC motherboard, but I having serious problems to find a memory that is compatible.


      I chek the list of supported memories on the link



      But I don't find some modules.

      For example.

      The list says that Kingston KVR1333D3N9H/4gb is compatible, every store I searched I found only Kingston KVR1333D3N9/4gb without the letter "H"

      I want to known if my motherboard will works whit this module?

      Because since I bought I' can't used yet.

      Another problem is that list is update, with has some new memories that is compatible whit this motherboard.

      If don't,

      Anyone have tested some memories or have a list that is compatible.

      I want to have 16gb, 2x8gb or 4x4gb.


      Thanks, and sorry about my english.